Investing Made Easy

Hello friends! Do you want to invest but don't know where to start?  Ever been told that you need $5K-10K to start investing?  How can you start when you have bills, a family and a very limited budget? There are opportunities out there for wealth building, you just have to get out and do your …

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What Surprised You When You First Came to the USA?

As an ESL (English as a Second Language) instructor, I have heard so many stories about my students' lives.  I've heard how and why they came to the United States.  I've also heard stories of how hard it was back home.  But, one of my favorite things to ask is for them to tell me about …

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Exploring the Landscape of Language

Whether you are a casual language learner or a serious student, you will understand how your world is opened up with the acquisition of a new language. The addition of a new language, no matter your age opens the door to a whole new culture, new experiences, new friends etc…. It’s a long road, but worth the trip.

Bespoke Traveler

language-roadSome days I adventure without taking a single physical step outdoors. I begin by navigating the choppy waters of conjugations, conjunctions, and clauses. Then I arrive at an unknown frontier, one where I have to hack through the jungle of new vocabulary and construct a sentence that bridges the abyss from my vernacular to this new terrain: Spanish. My thoughts in this land are halting and deliberate. My ideas are simple:

El tiene muchos libros. He has many books.

Yo hablo ingles. I speak English.

Progress is difficult, some days impossible, and I am left struggling on the shore, repeating quiero, quería, querré for hours. I keep at it, however, a bit everyday because this landscape of language fascinates me. I have the keys to further my study of words and structures. Someday these keys will allow me to dream in this tongue. They will…

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