Packing for Italy in the Fall

I only have a few weeks until I am jetting off to Rome, Italy.  As I am coordinating this trip for a group, I have answered many questions about what and how much to pack.  With the current restrictions on luggage, it is wise to pack the least amount of that you will need and still be comfortable.  Planning is more important than ever.  Although a checked bag is allowed for international flights, it is best not to fill it to the brim in order to save room (and weight) for shopping!  Trust me, you do not want to get to the airport on your way back and be told that your bag will not make the flight due to weight.  Leave the kitchen sink at home.

First thing first, I checked the weather and the average temps for the beginning of November in Rome are mid 60’s. Although comfort is very important while traveling, my motto is,” When in Rome…..” .  Leave the university sweatshirts at home.  Pick a color combo theme and stick to it.  When traveling to Europe, we should take our everyday American dress up a notch so as not to stand out like a sore thumb.

Here is my packing list for my upcoming 1 week trip to Rome:


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