A Family Getaway to Great Wolf Lodge

The Great Wolf Lodge is a mountain lodge themed resort that includes a waterpark.  A stay in the lodge is required for use of the waterpark.  I will say it was a good time had by all.  There is something for everyone from parents to young kids and teens.  The resort includes restaurants, a spa, huge waterpark with slides that even I was scared of , an arcade, 4D theater and a bowling alley.  There is also an awesome looking magic game that kids can play that includes magic wands all around the resort.  We did not participate as our little was too little.

Here is a brief review:

Rooms:  Great room, clean and recycling was encouraged.  Our room was bigger than we anticipated which was a nice surprise.  We stayed in a family suite, but there were far more elaborate rooms available, especially if you have older kids.

Indoor Waterpark:  Awesome!  It was a constant 85 degrees and there were slides for everyone, even the thrill seekers.  My personal favorite was the River Canyon Run.

Spa: The spa was really nice.  I popped in for an eyebrow wax.  The esthetician took her time and did a great job.  I did, however try to get a bikini wax and was told that I couldn’t get one until the esthetician came in (2 days later).  A place were people walk around in swimsuits all day should offer bikini waxes Every day…..just my 2 cents.

There was also plenty of food at there six eateries including a full Dunkin Donuts.

Overall, great place for a fun-filled couple of days.  I think 2 nights is the perfect length of time to stay in order to properly experience everything. 🙂



Rates starting at $299 per night





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