F.T.M. Syndrome

FTM= FIrst Time Mom

Picture it, I’m running into the YMCA juggling kid, diaper bag, keys and phone feeling pretty good that I have managed to schlep to the gym.  As I drop baby boy off at the child watch, the front desk lady comes to me and whispers, “Your pants are inside out”.  Checking the time, I realize my Barre Sculpt class started 5 minutes ago and there is no time to change.  I mutter, “Forget it” and make a beeline to the class.

Is this what my life has come to?  I see friends on FB and the like happily going to play dates and story time, meanwhile, I can hardly get it together.  Don’t get me wrong, this kid is super cute and I love him to pieces, but he screams when we walk into a store, constantly throws objects at my head and runs away anytime he feet hit the ground.  Am I crazy?  Shouldn’t I be over the moon happy and not crying?

He’s 16 months (when do we stop counting in months?) and I am slowing getting it together.  My mom thinks I am a nut because he’s always missing a shoe or diapers or something pertinent when he comes to her in the mornings before my husband and I take off for work.

Is it going to get better?


7 thoughts on “F.T.M. Syndrome

  1. aleshia

    It gets easier. Over time we forget about the days as such, when we are running around frazzled, functioning on 2 hours of sleep, late for meetings, or clothes on all kinds of ways and remember the good days. Chat with your mom, I bet she had some days as such….

    Also as FTM, what helped me keep my sanity was keeping extras in my trunk for my lil guy until he was also 3 (potty accidents). We had an incident I still don’t know how this happened, he lost his shoes, yes both of them in the store. He was in the shopping cart, strapped in. Looked for both of them, no shoes in store and being a new walker he needed them, thus extras.

    Pause, deep breath, and smile. You are a FTM, it doesn’t come with a book and each of us have a different experience at this. So enjoy your ride with your guy.

  2. Beth Hun

    I don’t believe it gets easier, just that we learn and adapt! At least u till the second one comes along. Then, it’s a whole new ballgame! Ha!

  3. frankee brown

    I respect your honesty Wipe those tears and Be thankful my friend! Believe me ….I wish I had a little guy to chase around. Give thanks for all that God has blessed you with. It’s going to be just fine! Love ya! 💜

  4. Honey it does get better. Enjoy life and keep it moving. Keep a journal of it all and one day you will look back and see how wonderful your life was and the memories are oh so precious. You will wish you could do it all over again. Love you lots!! (MOM)

  5. It gets easier, promise!

    I recently wore my top inside out to my 2 year olds rhythmic class. And that was a day I should have had it together as I had only one child with me, often I have four! It does get better though. 🙂

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