Travel Products/Accessories

I am looking ahead to a trip to Rome in the fall and just wanted to share some of the travel products and accessories that I think are fab.  Check it out:

  • Take it from me, loosing your luggage sucks!  It has happened to me twice and both times I didn’t know whether or not I would see my luggage again.  So this product, the Trakdot luggage tracker seems like a no brainier!  I feel like I invented this in my mind a few years ago but didn’t make it a reality.  I am so glad that someone did!!!  Check this out here.  It is a little device that tracks your luggage through an app.  You will know where your stuff  is at all times and it is…..GENIUS.


  • Luggage scale:  You may think, “Why do I need this?” .  You think that until you are in the Istanbul airport throwing things away because it’s either you stay behind or your things stay behind.  For $19.99, it’s not a bad investment.  If you have a habit of over-packing or buying too many souvenirs, get this.


  • The Container Store is having a Travel Sale at this very moment.  They have many items that will make our lives easier when traveling.  For example, get a handy travel laundry bag.  Who wants their dirties mixed with clean clothes?  They also have an outlet converter that will keep your flat iron going even in Europe with out blowing up.  You need this!  Also at the container store, try the Grid It! to keep all of your gadgets and their cords organized.


  • Packable Jacket:  A jacket is a must when traveling to Europe or anywhere that does not include an ocean view especially fall or spring months.  I like a light jacket that is easy to pack and that will go with everything.  This one is on my shopping list for Italy.  I love the color and the light weight.


  • Google Translate:  This Google product has come a long way recently.  Did you know that you can hold you phone over a menu in a foreign and it translates in real time.  You don’t have to type anything!  It’s like looking through a magical digital translating lens.  All you need is your phone or IPad and Google.  This is a lifesaver!  Love.It


Hope that you found something interesting here.  What are your favorite travel products?

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