Where do I start?

On a previous post, What Are You Waiting For, I briefly wrote about this topic HERE .  This is a common question of prospective world travelers.

The answer; it depends.  It depends on where your interests lie.

1.  First, you should make a list of the top 20+ places that you want to visit.  Check out my list Here .

2.  Next, you should write down some activities that you always wanted to try.  For example, visit religious  sites, French cooking lessons or wine tasting.  I love exploring cities, trying new foods and finding great shopping. There are many tours that cater to specific activities from adventure lovers to luxury travelers.

  1. For example:  Tour including cooking class and exclusive appointment with jewelry maker
  2. Another example:  Wildlife and Nature Tour
  3. Talk about luxury tour: NICE

3.  Speaking of tours, you should figure out if you want to organize everything or do you want sit back and have someone else plan everything.  I have done it both ways.  With so many travel companies , you can find some great deals either way.  For a travel newbie, it is so easy to join a tour and meet up with everyone at the airport for your adventure.  You just have to take the first step and sign up!

4.  If you want to organize your own trip, that is great, but there are a few extra steps.  After you nail down were you want to go, you will have to figure out where you want to stay.  There are so many options for this.

 Hostels:  budget friendly, basic accommodations, but clean and friendly(most of the time).  You may have to share a room with other travelers, but the price will be a fraction of the price of a hotel.   If this is the route you choose, you can start at Hostel World for reviews and prices of hostels in just about any city you can think of.  If you are ever in Barcelona, I loved the BackPackers BCN hostel.  It was clean and the people were friendly.  For under $20 a night, how can that be wrong?

Hotels:  large range of budgets.  Most of the time, I have a hostel budget, but 5 star hotel taste, so I like to start with Rovia for The best deals.  They have this thing called the Rate Shrinker that guarantees the best prices on airfare and hotels.  I also like http://www.jetsetter.com/ for good deals on luxury hotels.

Apartments:  If you would like to feel like you are at home away from home, rent an apartment! This is actually not a bad idea. You can cook, walk around naked, what ever you want to do.  And it could save you some serious cash, especially if you are planning to stay for a week or more. Check out HomeAway or Airbnb to live like a local in your dream destination.

Now you know where to start…………JET.SET…..GO!

Comment with your suggestions of your favorite places to stay, tours or websites for travel.


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