This is Prom?

So, my husband is a teacher at a local high school and had prom duty last night.  Oh prom……nervous teenagers wearing ill-fitting formal clothing purchased from the local mall.  A few balloons and confetti and bam!…….the school gym or local hall is converted to our very first formal dance.


Fast forward (a few) years and today’s prom is a little different……..


Location, Location, Location:  Botanical Gardens ( This place was about $3,000 outside of the budget for my wedding!)

Guests:  Pretty well dressed high school juniors and seniors.

Attire:  Formal, but more supercharged than I remember from my prom, a few years ago 😉   There were, surprisingly, some young ladies that had elegant and grown up gowns.  I say surprisingly, because I have worked in a high school before and the everyday wear is sometimes scary.  Loved the trend of the halter top and skirt for formal wear!  Great job class of 2016!

Although there were a few ill-fitting outfits, there were a few highlights of the night.





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