All Time Favorites

Who doesn’t like favorites lists?  Anywho, I thought it would be fun to share a list of a few beauty, fashion and lifestyle products that I think are awesome.  I have at least one of each of these items and have used them multiple times.  I highly recommend all and hope they inspire you to try one or two.  🙂



1.   J Crew  for basic tees and Collector tees.  They are thin and they feel heavenly.  Love, Love, Love

2.  CJ by Cookie Johnson – ever.   Especially for girls with a few curves 😉   Made by Magic Johnson’s wife, Cookie.

3.  Chantelle Bras – A good bra is EVERYTHING.  It makes your clothes look better, and you feel better.  You will have to spend a little more cash than you are use to to get a great fit.  Put the girls in something nice ;).

4.  L’Oreal skincare –  Drugstore price, but premium researched and quality.  As a beauty powerhouse, L’Oreal, also owns Lancome, Kiehls, Essie and Body Shop to name a few.  Their products are quality and I never leave home without this moisturizer.

5.  NARS – Of all the foundations that I have tried over the years, this one is the best.  Personally, I have to try on foundation before buying, so department store brands are better for me.  I have used drugstore brands, but you must make a wild guess to figure out your correct shade.  Take the guessing out and go to your local department store for a complementary makeup session.  I love drugstore brand eye shadow, lipsticks and even mascara, but foundation, I can’t do it.

6.  Hunter – Classic “Wellies” as a friend calls them.  They are comfortable and stylish.  They come in loads of fun colors.  Good for rain and snow.

7.  Cole Haan Pumps – Ok, when I bought mine a few years back, they had NIKE AIR technology in the sole.  Now, they have a new type of sole. I’m sure they are great.  They are always classic and they hold up very well.   This is a high quality shoe and worth the investment.  Wear to work, church or out and about.

8.  Plum Paper Planner – Yes, I love a paper planner.  There is something so nice about writing on paper as opposed to typing things into a digital planner/calendar.  This is my newest purchase.  I saw it review on another blog and went for it.  It is colorful and high quality.  Best of all, it comes with you personalized with your initials and name.

9.  J Crew jewelry – J Crew has fabulous fashion jewelry.  It’s always sparkly and just all around fun.

10.  Naked Palette – This is the best eye shadow palette that I ever had.  The colors are perfect and blend well together.  You can make an everyday look or an evening look with this one palette.  Nothing beats a good classic palette.

11.  Michael Kors Watch – I discovered Michael Kors watches about 5 years ago when I worked for Nordstrom.  I have 2 and they have been quality watches that have really held up.  I really don’t wear any other watch.  They are weighty, always shiny and have a nice sized face.  The best.

12.  Santa Maria Novella – About 10+ years ago, I read about a fabulous brand of perfumes that dated back hundreds of years and were made for the queen of Italy.  Glamorous right?  The perfumes used to be made by monks and in very limited quantities and sold in a small pharmacy in Florence, Italy.  I promised myself that when I went to Italy, I would visit the pharmacy and get a bottle……… and I did!  The place was hard to find, but when I did, I didn’t want to leave.  It was dreamy.  If you aren’t going to Italy anytime soon, you can now order them from LAFCO company in NYC through the link that I posted above.  By the way, my signature scent is Lily of the Valley.


What are some of your all time favorites?


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